The Howell Underground Running Team (HURT) is a group of Howell area run-minded individuals that want to share their love of a good run. This group is great for people of all fitness levels, distance goals, and paces. Walk, run, and family fun; join us as we run Howell! (And don’t be intimidated by the name, we just thought it sounded cool!)


We meet every Monday @ 7pm in front of the Howell High School track and football field. (Unless otherwise indicated via FB update) All runners and walkers of all experience and paces are welcome; we hope you’ll join us soon. For more details, please visit our Group Runs page.

Upcoming Group Runs:

  • 8/4 – Group Run @ Howell high school, 7 PM

  • 8/7 – (Thursday) Track Night @ Howell high school, 7 PM

  • 8/9 – (Saturday) Hosted long run @ Lakelands, Pinckney Trailhead, 7 AM
    (Self-paced, out and back, aided long run)

  • 8/11 – Group Run @ Page Field, 7 PM – This will be to preview the Melon Run course for those racing on Friday. Page Field is located on Roosevelt St. across from the boat launch for Thompson Lake. Kids Club will stay at the dirt track at Page Field. Ample parking is available.

  • 8/14 – (Thursday) Track Night @ Howell high school, 7 PM

  • 8/15 – (Friday) Melon Run 5k/10k – Summer goal race, don’t forget to wear your HURT shirts!

  • 8/17 – (Sunday) Free hot yoga with Jessica @ Pure Heat Yoga, 6 PM
  • 8/18 – Group Run @ Howell high school, 7 PM

  • 8/21 – (Thursday) Hill repeats on Breadstick Mountain, meet at Howell Freshman campus across from Citizen’s, 7 PM

  • 8/23 – (Saturday) Hosted long run @ Kensington, East boat launch, 2nd parking lot, lower level, 7 AM (Self-paced, loop course, aided long run)

  • 8/25 – Group Run @ Howell high school, 7 PM

  • 8/28 – (Thursday) Running Lab’s Trail Fest @ Bishop Lake, 6 PM – RSVP HERE (There will be NO Track Thursday this week)

Questions? Email us: runhowell@gmail.com


We run Howell!