The Howell Underground Running Team (HURT) is a group of Howell area run-minded individuals that want to share their love of a good run. This group is great for people of all fitness levels, distance goals, and paces. Walk, run, and family fun; join us as we run Howell! (And don’t be intimidated by the name, we just thought it sounded cool!)

We meet every Monday @ 7pm in front of the Howell High School track and football field. (Unless otherwise indicated via FB update) All runners and walkers of all experience and paces are welcome; we hope you’ll join us soon. For more details, please visit our Group Runs page.


Upcoming Group Runs:

  • 3/2 – Group Run @ Howell high school track, 7 PM
  • 3/9 – Group Run @ Howell high school track, 7 PM
  • 3/14 – (Saturday) Run for the Gold 5k, 10 AM – This race supports a great cause and is in Pinckney, includes a kids dash

  • 3/15 – (Sunday) Corktown 5k, 10 AM – This is a fun race in Detroit before the St. Patrick’s Parade, includes a kids dash

  • 3/16 – Group Run @ Howell high school track, 7 PM
  • 3/21 – (Saturday) Hosted long run @ Lakelands Trail, 8:30 AM, Pinckney trailhead (Self-paced, out and back, aided long run)
    ***Join us after the run at Mom & Pop’s Bakery in Howell for Jen & James’ Goodbye Breakfast @ 11 AM*** 
  • 3/21 – (Saturday) No Frills All Thrills Trail Run, 10 AM – A trail run held at Huron Meadows Metro Park, wear your trail shoes! 
  • 3/23 – Group Run @ Howell high school track, 7 PM
  • 3/28 – Hosted long run @ Kensington, East boat launch, 2nd parking lot, lower level nearest marina, 8:30 AM (Self-paced, loop course, aided long run)

Questions? Email us: runhowell@gmail.com


We run Howell!